10 Essential Beauty Tips That Are Easy to Follow


As a fashion market editor, I undoubtedly enjoy some job perks (travel, clothes, events… to name a few), but my favorite part of going into the office every day is the conversation among the editors, particularly when it comes to advice. I can’t tell you how many new brands I’ve learned about, the amount of fashion celebrity news I’ve kept up with, or even the number of cool new dinner spots I’ve discovered, all thanks to my colleagues. Another bonus is that I sit right behind the Who What Wear beauty team, which means I get to eavesdrop on everything they discuss, from amazing supplements to the newest makeup launches to a facial they recently tried. Luckily, I also get to test-drive some of the products they receive, sometimes acting as a guinea pig for a new lipstick or skincare item that landed on their desks.

I always want to know everything about how to make…

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