10 Jumpsuit Outfits That Are Chic and Comfortable


Jumpsuits are one of those trends that I never thought I could personally pull off. I’ve tried them on in the past but always felt like I was wearing some kind of costume instead of an outfit I could confidently walk around in. Recently, that all changed. I think the mental shift happened because of all of the cool looks I’ve been spotting on the fashion set. With fresh approaches to styling that incorporate pieces like chunky boots and animal-print heels, the outfits just look so chic.

My obsession with jumpsuits can also be attributed to the new styles we’re seeing in the market right now. Instead of the tight silhouettes that were popular in past seasons, we’re now seeing utility jumpsuits with wide legs and long sleeves that are finished with details like cargo pockets and belted waists. These pieces fit into the larger movement towards relaxed tailoring that has…

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