10 Summer Maxi Dresses Fashion Girls Are Wearing


Dresses, like swimsuits, are one piece that always makes me think of summer. My closet is stocked with everything from micro mini dresses to wrap dresses to ones with puffy sleeves and I always look forward to bringing them back into rotation during the summer months. One style that is noticeably absent from my closet? Maxi dresses. I’ve always found the style challenging to wear but recently I’ve been warming up to them. I’ve spotted fashion people everywhere wearing the silhouette and it’s convinced me to adopt it for myself.

While I can count one maxi dress in my closet, I have several sitting in my shopping cart right now and plan on wearing them in the coming months. Not only are the flowy dresses a new take on comfortable clothing, but they’re also endlessly chic. Whether styled with velcro sport sandals or pretty strappy flats, maxi dresses are the…

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