11 Affordable Fashion Items We’re Spotting on French Girls


We know, dear readers, you’re into what the stylish ladies over in France are wearing, and so am I. French girls have it down: their style is effortlessly cool, basic, but not boring, and unconventional, yet refined, which is why we look to them on the regular for style inspiration. French girls are constantly setting new trend precedents; mixing some expected basics and other complete wild cards. Accordingly, I’ve meticulously combed through some of our favorite stylish ladies to see what trends they are unveiling next and let me tell you—they are good

From sporting 70’s-inspired “granny’ sunglasses and the new cool girl button down shirt to vibrant jewel tones and exaggerated collars, French-girls are serving some serious style right now. While luxury fashion buys from some of our favorite French fashion houses will always be aspirational, it’s also exciting to…

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