11 Uniqlo Heattech Pieces to Buy Before They Sell Out


Chrissy Ford’s caption on the Instagram post above says it best: “This look was made possible by Heattech”. Talk to anyone who lives in a cold climate and they’ll tell you that the way they survive winter while still looking cute is by stocking up on Uniqlo Heatteach pieces. I admittedly wait too late to place my order every year, as by late November, most sizes in the good colors are usually wiped out. 

In case you’re unfamiliar, Heattech is Uniqlo’s line of basics that are made of a fabric that generates heat from your body. Even though the pieces are quite thin, they keep you warm and cozy and can easily be layered under your outfit (but I’d even wear some of them on their own). The assortment includes tops, leggings, tights, socks, and more in varying degrees of warmth, and most of the offerings are under $25 each. Since Heattech is so effective and popular, and…

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