12 Cute Baseball Hats and How to Wear Them


It’s not often that the words baseball cap and designer runway come together in the same sentence, but fashion has a way of unexpectedly surprising us with the most unpredictable trends, and this spring it’s all about the humble sporty accessory. Designers like Salvatore Ferragamo and Tom Ford infused a casual-cool touch to their ensembles with all types of baseball caps from leather fabrics to fun colors and minimalist styles, inspiring us to try the affordable trend with other items in our closet that aren’t leggings (not to mention providing us with the perfect solution for a bad hair day). 

The trend has been spotted on all the coolest fashion girls on Instagram and dominated the street style set during fashion month, proving it has some serious legs and is no longer solely reserved for that morning hike, baseball game, or weekend errands. The best part? You…

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