12 Indie French Beauty Brands Every Girl Should Know


Not only have some French brands become so well known and popular they’ve virtually lost their foreign intrigue and sparkle, more upsettingly, there is an increasing number of new beauty brands attempting to ride the popular and ever-so-coveted French beauty bandwagon, but which are not, in fact, French. Rather, they’re French-inspired. (Or at least they’re trying to be.)

So, on the cusp of my own personal French Beauty Fatigue, FBF for short, I decided to pick Marie-Laure’s mind on the real-real when it comes to French beauty—the lesser-known but very iconic products and brands we’re not so familiar with here, but sell at insane rates across the pond. Intrigued? Keep scrolling for 12 must-have French brands you’ve probably never heard of and the specific best-selling product you should most definitely purchase from each. And yes, you’re welcome!

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