13 Cute Work-From-Home-Outfits Fashion Girls Are Wearing


While working at home, loungewear has been in heavy rotation in my wardrobe. I’m all about cool sweatpant outfits worn with tube socks and retro sneakers, and the outfit formula has become a mainstay in my wardrobe recently. But as comfortable as sweatsuits are, I’ve been feeling inspired to get more dressed up at home. A few weeks ago, I challenged myself to put together outfits with leggings that go beyond workout wear, incorporating some of my regular wardrobe essentials like mules and button-down tops. It felt great to dress up a bit each morning and gave me a mental boost to get creative with fashion.

I reached out to some of my favorite fashion people and asked them to dress up at home, and their takeaways are leaving me reenergized. “For once,” Doina Ciobanu told me, “our style can be 100% about ourselves and what we feel like, with no social expectations.” And I…

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