14 Pretty Under-$100 Nordstrom Items With Top-Notch Reviews


I spend a lot of time scrolling through Nordstrom’s inventory and can enthusiastically confirm that it’s a hotbed of affordable, pretty items. And something about Nordstrom shoppers: They love to leave reviews. And as a shopper, I’m very influenced by product reviews. If I’m on the fence about a particular item and it has tons of great reviews, I’m definitely tipped to the “add to cart” side of the fence.

For this roundup, I combined a few things we all love (just a hunch, since we all clicked into this story): Nordstrom, good reviews, pretty, and affordable. With these criteria in mind, I found 14 items that you might find appealing. Keep scrolling to shop, and feel free to read the plethora of 5-star reviews if you’re on the fence.

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