16 Stylish Fall Fashion Pieces to Shop This November


Figuring out the best pieces to invest in to satisfy your fall wardrobe is no easy feat, but now take into account the reality that winter is coming. We’re trying our best to shop smartly for the transition from one season to the next, all while keeping our personal style in tact. While the upcoming holidays may look different for us than they have in the past — far fewer dinners and office parties to attend, for one thing — we still like to feel festive this time of year, so we’re treating ourselves to items that continue to inspire us and put us in a happy mood.

For me, that means a bomber jacket that’s incredibly bold in a splashy print; a change of pace from the simple coats I’ve worn before. For Nikita, that means the perfect matching set in a chic, neutral colorway and fuzzy slippers to match. Dana is keeping herself in check (literally) with a streamlined trouser that…

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