17 Random Things I’m Buying For Staying Home


Before the Coronavirus pandemic forced much of the world to stay home more than ever for this period in time, I was busy shopping for sunglasses, travel clothes, blazers, new handbags, and spring shoes. While I haven’t exactly torn up that wishlist, I have pivoted it a bit for the time being. While I work from home full-time all the time, I’m certainly not used to being indoors this much, entertaining myself, having all of my meals, and exercising at home every day.

To make this time a little more comfortable, I’ve found a number of random things that I thought might be beneficial to you during this tumultuous period as well. Below, you’ll find some of the clothes, beauty and wellness products, home items, exercise equipment, and even snacks that are brightening my days a little as of late. I hope they’ll do the same for you.

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