18 Celebs Who Have Broken Anna Wintour’s Met Gala Rules


The first Monday in May certainly looks different this year. With no Met Gala to look forward to, we’ll have to settle on looking back at the dress code rule-breakers of past years. It’s common knowledge that Anna Wintour, the orchestrator of the event, encourages attendees to dress according to the theme of each year’s Costume Institute exhibit, but not everyone jumps on board with the suggested dress code. Of course, we can’t fault people for sticking to their personal style and what feels right instead of contorting to fit the 2019 Camp theme, but they’re technically rule-breakers nonetheless. 

Another Met Gala commandment? No social media inside the event. The New York Times has confirmed that posts taken after the red carpet section are banned, but many celebrities have tempted fate and shared with their followers in the past. Scroll down to see all the celebrities…

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