18 Easy Braided Hairstyles That Are Anything But Boring


Braided hairstyles are the bread and butter of our hair repertoire for a few reasons. A) They’re perhaps the most versatile antidote when it comes to creating a momentous hair look and can play a starring or supporting role in the end result, B) they’re the most brilliant way to camouflage an otherwise hopelessly bad hair day, and C) even the braided hairstyles that look complicated are usually pretty effortless to achieve. Yep, you read that right. In fact, creating optical illusions via tucks, wraps, and twists can easily mimic the essence of skill and intricacy, and adorning them with unexpected accents by way of bows, pearls, hoops, and crowns immediately adds extra spice and interest.

Easy braids and twists get a lot of attention and love in the summer months (no effort, duh), but we’d like to play devil’s advocate and say they’re even more clutch come winter. Of…

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