18 Trendy Collared Sweaters to Shop For Fall


I really don’t have a need for many new fall clothes this year, which I imagine is the case for most of us, but one thing I do have a need for (because I kind of purged many of them at the end of last winter) is sweaters. Unlike some fashion items, a sweater is something that I can even wear on days when I’m just at home working, so it feels like a valid use of my shopping budget.

In searching for some new sweaters to add to my collection, recently, I’ve come┬áto a conclusion: The biggest sweater trend of the year is collared (AKA polo) sweaters. They’re present and accounted for across brands both high and low. Some have buttons while some are V-neck and some are fitted while some are loose. There’s really a polo sweater for everyone out there, and in case you need some help narrowing it down, keep scrolling to shop my favorite ones.

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