18 Under-$40 Dresses You’ll Want to Wear Out and at Home


Whether you’re strictly staying in or stepping out for the occasional socially distanced walk or picnic—mask on, of course—my unsolicited advice is that throwing on a dress can make all the difference in both your appearance and mood. As someone who has spent a good percentage of the last three months not just at home but in athletic or loungewear, the times I’ve decided to “dress up,” even if it was ever so slightly, have actually made my everyday activities feel just a little more exciting. Plus, according to some of our favorite fashion people, this act of donning a frock for the house seems to be a legitimate trend, which makes me all the more inclined to join in on the action.   

If my rant has officially gotten you on board with this frivolous pursuit, then you’re ready for the next step, which is acquiring summer dresses that are no-frills enough to…

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