19 Basics Beauty Products, All Under $20


I haven’t always had the budget for fancy beauty products, but I’ve always been a beauty product junkie, starting with my prized collection of Lip Smackers at an early age. Even though I do invest in higher-end products on occasion now, there are quite a few under-$20 ones that I’m sticking with, many of which I discovered in my teenage and 20s years. They may not have fancy packaging or chic Instagram accounts but what they lack in aesthetics, they make up for in effectiveness, and many of them can easily be found on Amazon or at the drugstore.

When choosing the items I wanted to include in this list, I selected items that I’ve purchased multiple times over the years. These items start at just $2 and have yet to let me down. In a world where new products debut on practically a daily basis, loyalty to certain ones can be challenging (especially when you’re a beauty junkie…

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