19 Highly Praised Products Our Beauty Editors Swear By


The amount of products Who What Wear’s beauty editors Erin Jahns and Courtney Higgs try on a weekly basis is is quite impressive, and they present product recommendations in ways that are easy to understand and honest. When it comes to beauty products, without first-person recommendations, what do we even have?  A list of ingredients, packaging, and marketing verbiage. So like most of us, I really rely on those recommendations when weighing whether or not to make a purchase.

As a fashion editor who dabbles in beauty content, I’m not a beauty expert, but I’m pretty well-informed on what the best and latest products are. But that doesn’t mean I get the chance to try all of them (no matter how tempted I am to just add every new arrival on Sephora to my cart on a regular basis). So I take what Erin and Courtney (who pretty much have tried everything) say to heart. Keep…

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