2 Affordable and Chic Outfits for Winter


Even though I live in Los Angeles, a city where people very much love to boast about the year-round warm and sunny weather, winter is in fact my favorite season. I’ll probably get in trouble with local tourism groups and my friends for admitting that, but it’s true: There’s nothing like a cool California day. I love layering up for crisp morning walks and cozy evenings indoors, and this year, I’ve already found so many cute pieces to do so in.

I’ve been prioritizing affordable fashion now more than ever, so I’m lucky to have discovered all of the stylish and insanely well-priced items available at Walmart. From my favorite new plaid shacket that all of my friends have already asked to borrow to the faux-fur-lined hiker boots that are keeping me both warm and on-trend, my winter wardrobe is looking pretty chic these days. I’m serious—you won’t believe my two new outfits are…

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