20 Neutral Nail Colors for All Skin Tones


For those seeking a break from bright nail colors and intricate nail art, it may be time for a polish palette cleanser. The answer we go back to time and time again? A go-to neutral. Arguably the most versatile nail color range, neutrals are also a big trend for 2020 (but really, did they ever go away?). By definition, they go with every outfit, so you’ll never have to worry about clashing colors. Plus, they tend to camouflage chips a little better than say, bright red, just in case your next manicure appointment is a little further away than you’d like. 

You can always rely on a neutral for anything from weddings to work. We rounded up 20 of the coolest polishes—from light to dark, shimmery to opaque—for every skin tone, to keep your neutral nail game feeling fresh.

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