20 Popular Makeup Brands and What to Buy From Each


As beauty editors, it’s no secret that it’s our job to know (and try) pretty much every single makeup brand on the market, whether it’s a popular label someone as out-of-touch as my dad would recognize or a lesser-known brand slowly but surely climbing the ranks of fame. We don’t discriminate, and we’ve even taken it upon ourselves to test out some of the most popular makeup brands like Charlotte Tilbury and Marc Jacobs to see if their most iconic products stand up to the hype. 

That got us thinking, with so many makeup brands on the market, which popular names are actually the best? And beyond that, which popular makeup brands are so good that innocent bystanders (like our co-workers, friends, family, significant others, or even total strangers) take note by offering compliments? My beauty PIC Courtney Higgs and I put our heads together to compile the…

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