20 Products to Buy During Pat McGrath Labs’ Spring VIP Sale


In our experience, there is no such thing as an unexciting beauty sale. We gladly welcome any opportunity to peruse our favorite retailers for the trusty products we already love in addition to (hopefully) discovering exciting new formulas as well. That said, some sales are especially exciting and physically surge our blood pressure with anticipation. The latest salivation-inducing example? Pat McGrath Labs Spring VIP Sale, a very exciting event due to three factors: A) Pat McGrath herself is a makeup artist legend and her products are heart-stoppingly stunning, B) the brand’s non-sale price tags are equally heart-stopping, and C) said items rarely go on sale. So if you’re low on some of your favorites from the Mother’s labs or have always wanted to try but balked at the sticker shock. now is your time to shine. (And we mean that literally.)

From April…

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