20 Quilted Patchwork Jackets That Are So Chic


There is a coat trend that is stalking me on Instagram. The more I think about the coat, the more it remarkably emerges onto my Instagram explore page—seducing me with its unique modern-vintage-grandma-vibes. I picture myself cocooned into it living my happiest winter life. Yeh, ok so I may be a little obsessed but it’s hard not to be. The toppers I talk of are quilted coats but not just any old quilted coats. These are special handmade or re-worked jackets pieced together from old quilts or from some sort of patchwork of fabrics—creating a masterful smorgasbord of sartorial beauty.

I first spotted the style on fashion maven @prosenkilde and ever since I keep spotting the trend on cool fashion girls everywhere—making the case for some maximalist fun this fall. Any type of bedding you can actually wear outside the bedroom is a winner in my book.

After a few (ok,…

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