2021 Resolutions: How Can We Have a Fresh Start?


With most of Canada—and the world—in various stages of lockdown, the concept of New Year’s resolutions sure hits different this year

There is rarely a bad year that stays confined to the perimeters of January to December; hard times don’t respect the calendar, and we all know 2021—the early months, at least—won’t be much different from 2020. So why do I feel so annoyed every time I hear someone say something like “you know, the pandemic’s not going to end on New Year’s Eve, next year’s going to be just as bad.” I understand that what they’re saying is true, and that they’re trying to find an outlet for their grief and frustration and fear in the same way we all are, but I also catch myself rolling my eyes because: We do, actually, know that. Nobody thinks of the end of the year as a magic reset button, even if sometimes we…

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