22 Trendy Shoes at Nordstrom That Are Flying Off the Shelves


Here’s a shocker to no one: I’m a frequent Nordstrom shopper. During my weekly—often daily—visits to the retailer’s site to shop for products I want to feature in my stories (or even treat myself to a little wardrobe update), I’ve become well-acquainted with their shoe section. So well-acquainted, I might add, that I tend to notice when the stock starts to dwindle on certain pairs or when they sell out entirely. I decided to put all my knowledge of these popular and trendy shoes at Nordstrom to work in this roundup. To no surprise, they all happened to be the ones that come highly rated by Nordstrom shoppers, proving that they really are quite versatile and—above all—affordable.

Based on my findings, I thought it would be silly not to share these popular pairs with you. You might even recognize a few of the slides, sandals, and sneakers you see here since I…

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