23 Epic Winter Fashion Finds We’re Adding to Our Wish Lists


As I mentioned in a previous story, I have a specific take on style that blends my penchant for minimalism on some days and maximalism on others. Nothing could be closer to the truth right now, with the added note that some days I’m dressing up and others I’m wearing whatever feels comfortable. I love both style mindsets equally—it really depends on the mood I’m in. Some days there is simply nothing I’d rather wear than a full sweatsuit look. But the next day, I’ll be inspired to get dressed up and try out some of the biggest trends of the season. I guess it’s all about balance.

Ahead, I’m sharing some of the fashion pieces I’ve been wearing for our L.A. winter. The one common theme? People ask “Where did you get that?” every time I wear these items, whether it’s on a trip to the grocery store or a message that pops into my DMs. Here, shop my…

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