23 Quarantine Buys My Friends and Fam Don’t Regret At All


I’m guilty of impulsive purchases year-round so you can only imagine the types of things I’ve accumulated over the past few months while in quarantine. My list includes everything from the face ice roller that I literally use every single morning now to these super practical heeled sandals that I’ve worn a total of one time for two minutes the day they were delivered (but I love them and they are on sale!).

Assuming I couldn’t possibly be the only one who has done a fair share of online shopping since March, I thought it would be interesting—or at the very least humorous—to know what other people have bought. So, I asked twenty three of my friends, family, and coworkers to share their favorite quarantine purchase thus far. There are some serious skincare and fashion gems here…and a few home items I may or may not have since purchased. 

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