24 Spring Sandals That Are Trendy and Wearable


If you read the title of this story and instantly thought of the line in Crazy, Stupid, Love where Steve Carrel refers to his wife as “the perfect combination of sexy and cute,” then we should be best friends. When thinking of the best way to describe the influx of spring sandals that are starting to hit the market, the words “trendy but also basic” were the words that instantly came to mind.

Since fashion, in general, is getting a lot less frilly and a lot more practical, these wearable (you really could wear these every day) yet extremely sleek and fresh-feeling spring sandals are hitting our desire for approachable yet cool fashion right on the head.

Here, I’ve rounded up all of my favorite pairs of trendy and basic sandals on the market right now. Yes, it definitely feels a tad early to start your spring sandal shopping, but by the looks of the styles ahead, we have a feeling they are going to fly off the shelves before the temperatures even begin to rise. In other words, stock up before it’s too late.

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