25 Things We’re Buying Now and Later for a Better Wardrobe


When we imagined what we’d be wearing this spring (as one does in the dead of winter), sweatpants, hoodies, and slippers weren’t really it, but here we are. While right now, our clothing shopping priority is comfort, that’s not to say we aren’t still daydreaming about what we’re going to wear when it’s safe to go out again.

Given the nature of our line of work, our editors keep ongoing shopping lists (even if it’s just in our heads), which we’re sharing here in case you’re seeking some inspiration.

Below, get a glimpse at the things at the top of our wish lists (and shop them for yourself, if you’re so inclined) and those that we really want to wear down the road. We hope you find something that brings you as much joy as these 25 pieces will hopefully soon bring us.

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