26 Epic Amazon Items We’ve Been Using Forever


More than ever, we’re looking for longevity in our purchases. Accordingly, I asked my colleagues for reviews of items that they’ve used for over half a decade from the retailer we pretty much all have in common (Amazon). I have to admit, I got some compelling answers. Some called out a single product with surprising longevity: the sandals that you can wear for years and years that somehow don’t look worn. The $3 breath freshener device that you might as well bequeath to your children, because it’s going to look brand new forever. The perfect bra that actually lives up to the highly-hyped hype. Others mentioned products that converted them to complete loyalty for five plus years, such as the lotion that made the little bumps on one editor’s upper arms basically disappear. Basically, there’s a lot of great products in this story, so I’ll let you get to…

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