28 Affordable Amazon Purchases That You Need in Your Life


I am the target consumer when it comes to being persuaded to purchase products I truly never knew I needed. Whether I am caught by little knickknack items leading up to the register when checking out or simply perusing online, I somehow fall for the trap every single time. Perhaps it’s because sometimes these purchases live up to their promise. They subconsciously enhance your everyday life without breaking your bank. What more could you want? 

Convenience. You want convenience. Fortunately, since I consider myself a seasoned shopper, I’ve created a list of products you never knew you needed, which you can find all under one roof: Amazon. Not every product is worth the hype, so it takes a special someone to not only sift through the massive inventory but also validate products’ efficacy. Behold—and fair warning because you are about to be persuaded to purchase…

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