29 Cheap, Chic Spring Items That Look Like Zara’s Collection


Zara’s new collection is on point, and honestly, I’d be lying if I said I haven’t been consistently shopping it already. In fact, our team recently covered a few of the fresh buys we’re loving that will probably sell out fast. But given that I do like to mix it up by filling my wardrobe with a variety of brands, I also have been on the hunt for similar items that are trendy (but not crazy pricey) for myself and my friends. Because I love you so much, dear readers, I’m sharing some of my favorite buys with you RN.

Ahead, I rounded up the $100-and-under spring fashion pieces—separated by category from tops to dresses—that I’m recommending to my inner circle. The best part? Everything coming your way is incredibly chic and expensive-looking (just like those new Zara finds).

So with that, keep scrolling to build your dream spring wardrobe. Don’t come for me if you end up adding a few extra goodies to your cart. Wink.

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