3 DIY Clothing Ideas That Are So Easy


Some Tips:

Before you fill your cart with candle making supplies, figure out which kind of candle you’re into: do you like more natural waxes like Beeswax or Soy? Or are you looking for a candle that holds shape more rigidly with a longer burn time? Paraffin wax is less expensive and easier to find, and will also burn longer than soy or coconut blends. The same also goes for your wick: for the type of pillar candles that I made, I used hemp wick which supposedly burns cleaner. 

I learned that everything is easier with a candle pourer. It seems like a relatively simple tool, but it makes the world of difference when you’re pouring hot wax into a smaller candle mold (I burned myself once using a regular pot and it wasn’t fun). Next, test out different waxes. I used beeswax and paraffin during my experiment and realized that although beeswax took pigment easier, it didn’t hold…

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