3 Easy and Stylish Winter Denim Outfits


Winter style doesn’t always mean sparkles and large statement coats—for many people, it looks more like layering wardrobe pieces in new and fun ways. Cammie Scott is forced to get creative with her winter outfits because days swing from bone-chilling desert cold to sudden hot beach weather during the winter months in Los Angeles, where she’s been quarantining with her girlfriend, Taryn, for nearly the entire time they’ve been dating(!) and accidentally adopting dogs they were only meant to be fostering. Scott’s styling method? “Layering has been key for me recently,” she tells me while chatting about how we transition our fall wardrobes into winter. “Rather than putting jumpsuits and dresses into storage for the season, I layer turtlenecks underneath and a jacket, or sometimes two, on top. It not only warms up the outfit, but it also adds interesting textures and prints…

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