3 Fall Items to Wear With Leggings and Skinny Jeans


If you’re a fan of leggings and/or skinny jeans—or are interested in re-introducing the silhouettes into your wardrobe —what’s coming your way might be particularly intriguing.

Sure, you may have a variety of items you typically wear with either leggings or skinny jeans to create your go-to uniforms, but after scrolling through the feeds of some of my favorite fashion follows, I uncovered a smattering of fresh fall outfit ideas featuring three pieces you could consider for the season. Essentially, the items in question would all look A+ with either leggings or skinny jeans (among other things) to create streamlined and of-the-moment vibes. 

Keep scrolling to uncover the fall items that could be worth owning if you wear leggings and skinny jeans, and shop inspired finds throughout as well.

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