30 Summer Sale Items I’m Buying Now to Wear Later


This isn’t usually sale season. Far from it, in fact. This is the time of year when retailers are getting new arrivals constantly and people are paying full price for pieces for their upcoming summer vacations and loved one’s weddings. But given the global health crisis this spring, and the fact that brick-and-mortar stores are temporarily shuttered, many retailers and brands are forced to mark much (if not all) of their inventory down.

If you have the funds to do a little shopping, now is truly the time. The discounts are steep, and it’s a great way to support retailers, as most are struggling during these unprecedented times. Eventually, we’ll be able to go out again, and you may wish you’d taken advantage of all of the epic sales out there (if you have the means to do so). I scrolled through some of your favorite sites and chose 31 sale items to buy for a steal now and…

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