31 Cool Basics to Add to Your Wardrobe


To clarify, the title of this story refers to my shopping for fashion items. I say that because while I’ve been buying less clothing and fewer shoes and accessories lately, I’ve been spending more money on groceries and household cleaning products than ever. 

Nonetheless, I’d be lying if I didn’t admit to doing a little extracurricular adding-to-cart here and there, even if it’s just browsing. Yes, I am, of course, prioritising the rational self-quarantine essentials first, but I can’t help but have a look at stay-at-home fashion items such as cosy slippers, cute loungewear and cool-feeling basics that I can wear both now and later, too. As they say—old habits die hard. To shop all the wearable-but-interesting basics I’m eyeing right now, just keep scrolling.

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