43 Fashion Items to Buy From Nordstrom This Spring


Anyone who has ever attempted to go shopping with me knows how (annoyingly) picky I can be when it comes to buying anything for myself. In fact, I can spend (and have spent) hours browsing stores and online without finding a single thing I actually want to purchase. While this trait definitely has its downsides—you don’t want to be around me while I’m trying to find a bridesmaid dress—it also has its benefits.

For starters, there are a lot fewer packages coming through my door than one would think, and I definitely consider this a plus for my wallet and closet. Additionally, I take these stories I write for you, our readers, very seriously! When going through products to include in roundups, I ask myself first if I would spend my own money on something before suggesting it to someone else to buy. Hopefully, this shows (and you like what you’re about to see below)…

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