5 best open-world games that run on 4GB RAM


The open-world genre has established itself as the most popular genre in modern-day gaming. Open-world games are currently some of the most successful games, with every title that comes out today seemingly following the open-world structure in one way or another.

These games are successful due to a variety of factors and can provide countless hours of content if done right. With the increased demand for more content-rich experiences, open-world games have also evolved since their early days.

Here, we look at some of the best games in the open-world genre that can run on 4 GB RAM.

5 best open-world games that can run on 4GB RAM

5) Grand Theft Auto V

The game series that has been one of the most influential for the genre and helped establish it as the industry juggernaut that it is today, the GTA franchise has remained strong ever…

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