5 Comfortable Carrie Bradshaw Outfits I’m Copying RN


Years ago when I moved to New York to pursue a job as a fashion editor, I often thought about Carrie Bradshaw and her path from newspaper columnist to fashion writer. I watched Sex and the City as much for the story line and the career aspiration as I did for the outfits, often reinterpreting them myself, whether it meant tracking down a vintage Dior Saddle Bag or a pair of strappy Manolos into my wardrobe.

While rewatching SATC at home during this time of social distancing, my perspective has shifted a bit. I now find myself identifying with Carrie as a writer working from a laptop in her living room, and it occurred to me how many great at-home outfits she wears throughout the series. She has a range of amazing cozy outfits crafted from closet basics like button-down shirts and leggings (which will further inspire how I’m wearing leggings at home) but also looks that…

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