5 Cute, Comfortable Outfits Flooding Our Feeds Right Now


It’s easy to feel uninspired to get dressed with this new at-home lifestyle since we’re all quite used to dressing for a specific occasion or event, but before you lose all excitement towards your closet, we have just the remedy you might have been in search of: the cute, comfortable outfits of fashion girls around the world. I don’t know about you, but it’s a bit too easy to roll about of bed and continue on with my day in the same pajamas I slept in. While no one’s stopping me from doing just that, I’ve been craving some inspiration to help me get dressed and feel a bit more put together—and the feeds of my favorite fashion girls are providing me with all the outfit ideas I could need right now.

After scrolling through my feed for hours on end (all in the name of research!), I landed on five comfy outfit trends I’ve noticed the stylish women of Instagram wearing…

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