5 Cute Spring Work Outfits for the Office


Working from home is definitely becoming a bit tougher as the weeks go on. Not only am I feeling more and more claustrophobic in this small Los Angeles apartment of mine, but I also miss being around my co-workers. Even though we can’t physically see each other (throwback to happier times when the above picture was taken!), it doesn’t mean we don’t talk all the time. Whether we’re chatting via Slack about the different projects we’re working on or the stories we’re writing, our conversations are always filled with our favorite subject: shopping. At first, we were sending each other links to loungewear-focused items (jeans just aren’t really my thing while working from my couch), but lately, we’ve been sending cute pieces for when we get out of all of this. In fact, my co-worker Avery and I already have our looks planned for when we return to the office. (Yes, maybe we’re…

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