5 Fashionable Ways to Wear the “Ugly” Balloon-Jean Trend


The fashion community continues to push aside those antiquated sartorial rules of opting for what’s “flattering” rather than what makes you feel comfortable. As a result, “ugly” trends continue to pick up steam. In fact, I cover those “uncool but actually very cool” looks on the regular. And while many of my friends are all for just wearing what you love no matter what anyone thinks, they do still have some personal opinions on some of the trends I’m particularly into. The latest? Balloon jeans. This straight-leg-adjacent cut features a high waist, cropped length, and a billowing effect (hence the “balloon” term).

When discussing the offbeat trend with my crew, it seems that they’re intrigued by the silhouette but would rather just wear straight-leg jeans or wide-leg jeans instead of this sort of in-between look. But as I mentioned, the look is actually…

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