5 High Fidelity Outfits That Are Teleporting Me to the ’90s


I hadn’t even kicked off my self-isolation longer than 24 hours by the time I was knee-deep in Hulu’s latest binge-worthy show High Fidelity, trying to unpack every inch of what made Zoë Kravitz’s outfits—no, entire on-screen being—so damn stylish. I swear that by the second or third outfit, her character, Rob, changes into in the first episode, I was already frantically scanning my own closet in my mind to figure out how I could re-create even a sliver of her effortlessly cool, ’90s grunge–inspired style.

You see, on the show, Rob and her crew of vinyl-listening Brooklynites (including the enigmatic Da’Vine Joy Randolph, whose character also serves some fire ‘fits) exist in modern day, but the style in the show is teleporting me back to the ’90s. Seeing how Kravitz styled quintessentially ’90s trends like a sleek leather trench coat or one of her many vintage…

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