5 Micro-Swimsuit Trends That Are About to Make It Big


As we get deeper and deeper into the thick of summer, swim trends are starting to finalize and fashion girls are finally revealing some of their favorite styles of the season.

So far, we have observed some of the styles we are expecting to be heavy-hitters, but amidst the search, we have found a handful of smaller trends that are maybe not going to be as big but are important nonetheless: micro-swim trends. We love praising micro-trends here at Who What Wear, as we feel they are what help keep this industry exciting and fresh-feeling.

So it is without further ado that we present to you the five micro-swim trends that are about to make it big in the fashion world this summer. Including some of the styles we’ve teased you with already this year and a few more newbies, the selection below will have you feeling ready for summer, no matter how it shapes up to be this year.

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