5 Morning Beauty Rituals We Never Skip


As team Who What Wear has learned first-hand over the last few weeks, there are lots of wonderful things about working from home. For starters, it gives us an excuse to wear exclusively soft pants, which is truly a gift. Then, there are all the luxurious at-home beauty treatments we suddenly have the free-time to indulge in. But, what about our regular morning beauty routines? Have those changed at all? Short answer—yes.

Not leaving the house means our beauty regimes, especially those carried out in the morning when we’d ordinarily be prepping to head to the office have undergone some changes. Some of us, like our WFH veteran Ally, have already nailed the morning beauty rundown. But for others on our team, our morning beauty rituals have morphed to suit the new normal. Ahead, check out the indispensable beauty rituals of 5 of our editors, and see how your morning routine…

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