5 Outdated Fashion Trends—and 7 With Staying Power


The fashion trend cycle can be fickle. One month, a certain silhouette feels relevant and the next it’s become saturated. And though I’m a firm believer that you should wear whatever you please at all times, I’m also a firm believer in falling in love with a new trend or two along the way. The last few months have procured a handful of fresh trends that while shiny and new, also have a lot of staying power thanks to their versatility. Reworked gold hoop earrings, wide-leg jeans, and a handful of other pieces ahead are worth adding to your shopping list. And for the sake of cleaning out your closet, I also rounded up five trends that may be worth taking to your local Goodwill (provided they aren’t serving you anymore).

Below, five trends I predict won’t last long and seven that I suspect have some real staying power. Discover the trends, shop the picks, you know the drill.

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