5 Spring Lingerie Trends We’re Wearing Beyond the Bedroom


Earlier this year, we filled you in on all of the biggest spring trends of 2020. Amongst those trends was one particular overarching theme we saw in abundance on the spring/summer runways. We called it “beyond the bedroom,” and you guessed it—this trend theme is all about lingerie and how it is making a name for itself in the ready-to-wear world. While we saw boudoir detailing as a whole declare quite a presence this season, we were pleasantly surprised to see how prominent the smaller trends within this category came to fruition as well.

Garters, corsets, slip dresses, bra tops, and hosiery are all lingerie trends we predicted would make it big in the sartorial world and just a few months later, the market has shown that we were right. What could have bubbled to become more of a micro-trend proved to be much bigger than that, as retailers in both the luxury and…

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