5 Takeaways From the 2nd Presidential Debate 2020


A dozen days before the United States election and we have just watched one of the last clangs in the excruciatingly-slow-moving car crash that has been the 2020 presidential campaign.

Feel free to take a breath of relief because you will not need to see President Donald Trump and former vice president Joe Biden on stage together again before Americans vote. Or maybe ever. Hallelu.

Those few remaining undecided voters won’t have been swayed much by the second and final  debate, although it was meatier, more coherent and more informative than the first. There was no clear winner or loser. Each septuagenarian played well to his base.

Happily, we didn’t need to watch and analyze a handshake. Unfortunately, no fly landed atop either’s head to give us the distraction we might’ve craved during an increasingly taxing 90 minutes. Instead we were left to watch…

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