5 Takeaways From the U.S. Vice Presidential Debate


Kamala Harris combined assertiveness and ease, but both she and Mike Pence wriggled out of key questions. It was all so blessedly normal

It was a debate so earnest, so conventional, so calm that you could almost hear a fly land. Or you could certainly fixate on that and nothing but for a while. The tedious cat-and-mouse game Mike Pence tried to play with Kamala Harris on a supposed fracking ban and tax hikes? It reminded you of the tedium of normal presidential and vice-presidential debates—oh, how we’ve missed it over the last eight years.

But there was more than cat, mice and flies during a 90-minute exchange that actually felt substantial. A few impressions:

The Trump administration truly has no defence of its performance on coronavirus

What was the best the vice-president could do, when both his contender and moderator Susan Page repeatedly…

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