5 Winter Basics That Look Amazing With Jeans


When you think about your tried-and-true wardrobe staples, there’s a strong chance that perfect pair of jeans ranks high on the list. Yes? Thought so. It honestly makes perfect sense given that the ideal cut can be mixed and matched with a variety of pieces to create chic and effortless looks. On that note, there are actually a few specific winter basics that look especially flawless with jeans.

Simple in nature, these basics could certainly be worn with a smattering of items, but look particularly perfect with jeans. And we’re talking any style of denim here—from skinnies to those of-the-moment straight-leg silhouettes.

Below you’ll uncover imagery of fashion people wearing these next-level basics and denim pairings. Naturally, we’re also sharing inspired picks throughout as well in case you are in fact in the mood to shop as well.

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